Director of Worship and Praise Ministry

Carrollton, TX

Dear Candidate,

Hosanna Presbyterian Church (HPC) of north Dallas is recruiting a Director of Worship and Praise Ministry (part-time). Thank you for your prayerful interest in this role. We hope that you will find the information provided an accurate portrait of who we are and who we are seeking to steward this position through the description of responsibilities.


The Director of Worship and Praise Ministry will report to the session, be guided by the Pastor/Head of Staff, be supervised by the Executive Director Elder, and focus on directing, training, and shepherding a primary team of 2 Team Leads, 6 lay ministry volunteers and seasonal volunteers to lead the congregation into worship and praise spiritually, instrumentally, and vocally.

Part Time

Qualifications: (1) Clear calling by God to this ministry (2) Clear understanding of the spiritual influence this role carries (the projection of your spiritual state on the congregation as they are led into worship and praise by you) (3) Clear integrity before God – are you abiding daily in His Word? Are you fully assured of your salvation? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Have you been baptized and confirmed (if infant baptized)? Are you growing in godly purity, generosity, the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) in your character? (4) Clear integrity before the congregation as a mature follower of Jesus (proven testimony of salvation, growing reputation to desire Jesus in the Scriptures and teach others learned wisdom, proven trustworthy in relationships and acts of service to others, teachable and humble spirit, etc) (5) Clear involvement in the life of your current local church (6) Willing and teachable before the Lord, respectful and submissive to pastoral and spiritual authority/governance (7) A heart that desires to serve with excellence throughout the preparation period during the week (re-listening to songs, memorizing lyrics/chords, etc) (8) *Instrumental and/or vocal skill and giftedness from the Lord, validated by those led by you, and worshipful intelligence in leading a congregation into deeper presence with the Lord


The Search Committee

How to Apply:

We welcome you to send to [email protected]:

(1)    Cover Letter

(2)    Resume

(3)    Two References – indicate their (name, organization, title, email, and phone) for possible contact from the Search Committee

(4)    Two Sample video or audio recordings you led worship and praise (instrumentally and/or vocally)

*All documents/materials will be kept strictly confidential and disposed of after the end of the search process.

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