Elementary Pastor/Leader

Levittown, PA

We are looking for an English-speaking individual who not only has a heart for the children's ministry but also understands the larger role that education as a whole plays in the lives of the children, their families, and the church.  As a result, an individual with a background and/or experience working in Education will be preferred. Here is a list of responsibilities of an Elementary Pastor/Leader: 1) prepare and preach sermons on Sundays and occasionally at special events; 2) conduct worship services for children in grades 1-5; 3) initiate, plan, and implement appropriate activities and programs for elementary children and families throughout the year (e.g., VBS, outings, lock-ins, Easter & Christmas presentations); 4) attend weekly meetings with the pastoral staff; 5) oversee teachers and volunteers; and 6) facilitate bible study on Friday evenings. 

Part Time

Currently enrolled in or graduated from Bible college/seminary. A major in education-related field is a plus.


Lisa Chong


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