Worship Director/PASTOR

Minot, ND

First Baptist Church (Minot, ND) – Worship Director/PASTOR

The Big Picture

First Baptist Church (fbcminot.org) is seeking a full time Worship Director/Pastor.

  1. POSITION TITLE: Worship Director/ Pastor


Lead and oversee the Worship Ministry of First Baptist Church, ensuring a spiritually rich, engaging, and cohesive worship experience across all services and media platforms. This includes direct involvement in leading worship, volunteer coordination, media ministries oversight, and other duties to meet the spiritual needs of the congregation.


  1. This position is available as a full-time role.
  2. Assist the church staff in the development and production of the weekly worship services and function as the lead worshiper at both the contemporary and traditional services, organizing the flow of each service around a specific theme.
  3. Coordinate the personnel involved in the weekly services (musicians, worship teams, drama, technical assistants, etc.) and manage weekly rehearsals.
  4. Recruit and train individuals for the worship ministry and develop creative service elements for the worship services.
  5. Oversee the Tech Team, including the maintenance of technology, coordination of media team volunteers, scheduling, and training. Provide basic tech support to the church's systems and equipment ensuring the smooth operation of worship and office systems.
  6. Other responsibilities as assigned.


This position reports directly to the Executive Associate Pastor and works closely with the Pastoral Staff, Office Administrator, secretary, and other church staff. The Worship Director will oversee both the Worship and Media Ministries teams, consisting of paid staff and volunteers.


SPIRITUAL QUALIFICATIONS: Must be a born-again believer who demonstrates a strong commitment to the Lordship of Christ, His Holy Word, Evangelism and Discipleship. Must exhibit a mature walk in Christ; must be a consistent worshiper of God, exhibit a commitment to evangelism, maintain a strong commitment to working as a team player, and possess strong interpersonal and presentation skills.


  1. Must possess multiple musical talents, including the ability to lead worship vocally and with an instrument such as guitar or keyboard.
  2. Demonstrated experience in worship ministry leadership and volunteer management.
  3. Proficiency in media and technology related to worship and church services.
  4. Pastoral experience or seminary training is beneficial.
  5. The candidate must be a team player and always guard the unity of the Body of Christ, submitting personal aspirations and goals to those of the Senior Pastor and the congregation.
  6. An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university is preferred but not required.
  7. This position is open to both male and female applicants.

Full Time

F. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: a. Effective leadership and management of the Worship and Media Ministries, ensuring a cohesive and engaging worship experience across all services. b. Successful recruitment, training, and development of ministry personnel, fostering a sense of community and teamwork. c. Innovation in worship service planning and execution, incorporating creative elements that enhance the worship experience. d. Fulfillment of duties as assigned, contributing to the spiritual growth and mission of the church. G. COMPENSATION The Worship Director/ Pastor position offers a competitive salary based on current market rates and the individual's experience and qualifications. First Baptist Church provides health insurance for all full-time employees, as well as sick time and vacation benefits.


Jason Lancaster


The Process

Please look over this job description and the church website. Along with your resume please answer these questions:

Why do you believe that you might be a good fit as the Worship Director/Pastor at First Baptist church?

Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve as the Worship Director/Pastor of First Baptist Church?

In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology and how that is in line with the doctrine of First Baptist Church?

Please send your resume, the answers to these questions and at least one online worship link to [email protected]

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